When should I put in my winter lawn?

Winter lawns are one of the things that make Arizona so beautiful. The bright vibrant green cheers up residents and visitors alike.

We, at All Pro Lawn & Sprinkler, start over seeding October 15th and continue as climate dictates. Over seeding is the process of planting grass seed directly into existing turf without tearing up the turf or the soil. An investment in over seeding pays off with a thicker more beautiful lawn!

If it is too cold when you seed, a portion of the seed won’t germinate and will end up rotting. Timing is crucial.

If over seeding is not an option, then fresh new sod might be the answer.

We only recommend perennial rye because of its thin blades. Annual rye causes more grass stains because of its wide blades and is more work to maintain. It is also a wet “gloppy” mess to mow.

We don’t recommend or use steer manure. The problems (besides the smell and flies) are weed seeds, rocks, sticks, trash and other debris that get dumped on your lawn. However, a lawn installed too late in the season might require, unfortunately, a stinky a top-dressing.

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