Citrus Trees – When to fertilize

It’s real easy. Think of three holidays: Valentines Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day. This is when the growers do it. This is when we do it!

1) Feeding should be Feb 1 to Valentine’s Day before the tree blooms. This will increase the number of blooms and result in higher fruit yield.

2)The next feeding Memorial Day, the fruit should be about golf ball size. In the middle of summer, with heat stress, they will drop fruit. A second feeding is needed to sustain them while growing and maintaining the fruit.

3)The third feeding is between Labor Day and mid October. Give it a final feeding in the fall while the sap is still flowing to sustain it through the cold season.

What if I fertilize at other times? It’s probably not a good idea. Remember the goal is to get the trees in a regular routine. Setting of the fruit can be harmed if it is fertilized at the wrong time. This can shock the tree and the fruit can actually fall off rendering a small harvest. Remember timing is everything.

Following a seasonal routine will ensure you have the sweetest and juiciest fruit possible!

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