“To de-thatch or not to de-thatch”, that is the question!

Grass is ground cover that continues to grow on top of itself. Over time a buildup or “mat” occurs. This mat acts like a block preventing sunlight and vital nutrients from getting to the roots of the grass.

All home lawns are subject to thatch accumulation, but if thatch is left unmanaged it can cause serious maintenance and pest problems.

De-Thatching or Power Raking is like a mini-roto-tiller that shreds the mat without disturbing the grade of the soil. This is key because it exposes the soil to the sun and other nutrients as well as slicing the roots which stimulates new growth. This results in a brand new healthier lawn!

Core Aeration uses a series of small tube like cutters that pull about 3 inch plugs out of the ground and dumps them on top of the lawn. This is great for rolling greens as it provides a way for the water to penetrate the soil. Although there will be some stimulation of the grass due to the punctured roots the mat still remains intact.

Therefore, we recommend power raking which is best done in the early growing season as temperatures begin to rise (Mar- June) but can be done at any time throughout the summer when needed.

All Pro Lawn & Sprinkler provides professional de-thatching services, using state-of-the-art equipment that removes thatch that traditional hand raking would never be able to remove. If you would like to get your yard de-thatched, give us a call at 480-969-5000 and we’ll get your grass greener than you can imagine!

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