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To keep your lawn looking lush and healthy requires some basic maintenance and care. The type of grass you have will dictate the maintenance you will need to follow. Basic maintenance consists of watering, mowing, and fertilizing.

What is the best time to water? 5am to 9am provides maximum penetration with less evaporation, plus less risk of disease on the leaf blade. Grass that remains wet for long periods of time is more susceptible to disease development. Keep in mind, all sprinkler systems are different, and deliver varied amounts of water. The goal for watering is to put down approximately 1 inch of water to the entire lawn surface each week. Typically this is best done by watering every other day. When using manual or automatic sprinklers, let them run in one spot until the water begins to run off the surface. Then move to water a different section of your lawn.

How often should I mow? We recommend mowing once a week. Rotary mowers are ideal for Bermuda and hybrid Bermuda grass including Bob Sod, Midiron/easy turf, St. Augustine, and can be used on Santa Ana with a sharp blade. Reel mowers are ideal for dense grasses: Tifgreen, Tifway, Tifdwarf and Santa Ana.

Is fertilizing really necessary? Our desert soils are very alkaline, and they lack nutrients to keep turf grass green and healthy.

Fertilization is the supplementation of nutrients to the soil. There are three main nutrients: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus(P) and Potassium (K). A fertilizer that contains all three of these nutrients is called a complete fertilizer. Fertilizers containing trace elements such as Sulphur, Zinc, Iron and Magnesium make a complete and well balanced diet for your lawn.

Avoid fertilizers that are physical blended (they tend to look like birdseed). This can cause staining on brickwork, cool decking, flagstone and other hardscape surfaces.

We use a homogenous blend – each capsule of fertilizer is blended with the same formula throughout the bag. This type is assimilated more evenly in turf grass resulting in a more lush deep green lawn.